Economies of scale are obviously important to agricultural markets. We wish to apply these to new kinds of plant food. The integrative medicine message here is very clear. We need to eat more plant food and less animal food and dairy.

The point of the 2020 Program is not to take sides in that matter. We wish to follow the research and the practice wherever it leads. When you consider the work of the leading integrative medicine educators and practitioners, Drs. Andrew Weil, Dean Ornish, Mimi Guaneri, Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn Joel Fuhrman, and others, that is consistently the answer, more plant less animal.

The question here in terms of a business opportunity is which plants we should be looked at. In large part, the beneficial plant types are obvious. They include kale, turmeric, ginger, stevia, chickpeas and others. Increased demand for such foods is very likely, in all parts of the world. The 2020 Program is interested in collaborating in such areas for both whole food solutions and development of functional foods based on extractions. This is an opportunity for developing countries with agricultural capacity in particular. As the 2020 Program grows and additional centers are established around the world, a natural channel we be developed to distribute and add value to such items.