There are two timelines outlining our current state of knowledge as to enhancing legitimacy and resilience in public affairs.

  • The first deals with innovations -- developments and understanding and capacity. This is societies, or as referred to by Ferdinand Tönnies, Gesellschaft.
  • The second is in lessons learned through history on how we can all live together better. This is communities, or as referred to by Ferdinand Tönnies, Gemeinschaft.

Link to "Timeline of Innovations Making Optimum Performance Living Possible (Gesellschaft)"

Select the "check boxes" in the areas of specific interest to you. This timeline is an example of a "pavilion-style" approach to the history of "health & performance", "connecting minds & hearts", and "opl opportunities". "OPL" stands for Optimum Performance Living, which is described herein. As such, it would contribute to a "living laboratory" presentation in improved governance and enhanced legitimacy.