2020 Program Declaration of Readiness -- 2018

  • Although a uniform model has yet to be embraced, science has provided conclusive answers to questions of the large and the small which have yet to be factored into our everyday lives, answers which will bring particular benefits regarding public and private health
  • These solutions can be laid out in time-sensitive ways in the form of processes that are supportive of complexity and change, unifying meaning and logic
  • Organizations can perform to perfection, even when facing complexity, scale, and change
  • Early stage, root causes of high-mortality, high-risk chronic diseases are known and can be avoided
  • Great benefit can be gained from use of technology when controlled by experts and authorities who know specifically what needs to be done
  • Guiding people through detailed steps of key processes can help them to get better results by offering new, unknown solutions to problems that impede optimal performance and satisfaction
  • Finance can serve an important integrating, governing tool when matched with process-based standards that are regularly updated
  • Promising, legitimate business opportunities exist within a healthy, active, mobile populace that have not yet been thought of; personal growth is a sound basis for commercial opportunity