Public eating is where the rubber meets the road in this plan. The food must be fun. It must be tasty. It must be readily available. Colin Campbell has most things right, but in this case, it is clear that people want to prepare food in different ways, to mix and match, to combine elements. We really do not see a future where everyone is sitting around eating apples, good and good for you as those are.

Restaurant eating relates as well to the coming "Internet of things". Armed with "deep context" as we have discussed, a restaurant could provide custom menus to their clients based on what items are in inventory, what preparation skills their people have, and the health and medical conditions of the clients. Preferences need to be included as well. A wife and a husband may have very different menus in such a program.

The 2020 Program has access to critical underlying technologies needed to bring these production elements together. This can function as a partnership opportunity and restaurants in the 2020 Program communities, enhancing the offerings of the restaurants and improving prospects for their clients. The programs may also involve functional foods, but certainly they would include interesting and exotic ingredients that would be included in the educational and Optimum Performance Living programs the customers would be involved in.