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Martabat is dedicated to provide integrated consulting services in the field of the administration of social security and health care. Technical support addressed to the stakeholders in order to build the organization of the national social security system that are equitable and able to provide social and economic protection to all citizens.

Martabat is supported by personnel qualified consultants and has extensive experience in the establishment of regulatory structures, institutional capacity building, management of social security and health care, and public education.

Mission: an active role in promoting and developing:

  1. System of laws and regulations in the field of national social security based on the constitution and good governance practices.
  2. Management of social security and health care.
  3. Empowering people to fulfill the rights and obligations of social security programs and quality health care and justice.
  4. Increased community participation as partners in realizing the implementation of supervisory social security programs strong, fair, and accountable.
  5. Provide strategic solutions, managerial and operational in advancing the implementation of social security programs to build healthy communities, intelligent, independent, and dignified.