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Integrative opportunities

Focus on health rather than disease brings many opportunities into view. In the left panel, we can see several collaborative organizations in the 2020 Program. Select these to gain more insight into the nature of the Program.

Dual Control: Combining authority and knowledge

Although many scientific findings have been achieved in recent decades, making use of them has proven to be tenuous and problematic. This is particularly the case where new findings serve to reshuffle the deck from a commercial standpoint. As economic power has readily shown to translate to political influence, many innovations have been left on the shelf in spite of obvious gains to society.

One example of this is the practice of integrative medicine. Not in any way a repudiation of traditional medicine, this approach provides opportunity for choice where there are new alternatives that have passed the test with regard to research rigor. Many such opportunities surface with regard to chronic diseases. As they have shown to be the result of lifestyle choices, lifestyle changes can serve to correct them. In the United States, integrative medicine protocols have been shown to be very effective in supporting lifestyle changes. This has particularly been true with regard to diet, exercise, management of stress, and balancing pharmaceutical and therapeutic techniques.