Fluidity of knowledge among people and machines

Fluidity is the smooth flow of knowledge in all of its forms among people and machines. Key among these is the knowledge of how to do things, of how to carry out processes. To accomplish this, to provide guidance where and when it is needed, much data must continually be brought together, evaluated, and presented to people when they need it, in forms that are clear and useful to them. For this, we need dedicated resources for these purposes, linked together using flexible and dependable technologies.

We have not begun to touch the surface with regard to our use of technology. Understanding and resolving fundamental issues of mobility and sustainability demand more effective use of technology. We need to understand root causes and then respond to them. We must resolve problems before they occur. We need to decide in advance what we want and then work toward those objectives with objective understanding and clear minds.

Nature does not sit around the table when we negotiate our magnificent solutions, but she always has the last word. Thus, with regard to the health and safety of the people, in our interactions with nature, we need to keep this in mind. In order to legitimize our actions and render our systems sustainable, we need to tap into natural regulatory processes, to respond to and understand them, and to continually improve on our capacity to perform. These are the challenges of our age.