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To build a tall building, one must begin by digging a hole in the ground. The larger the building, the deeper the hole. This is to say that to achieve the critical objectives of the 2020 Program and related efforts, great preparation must have been carried out. The principals in the program have better than a hundred years of personal experience in the program. These have been years of discovery and innovation. They have been filled with short-term successes and failures. Always there has been a drive to learn and to correct the path, to not compromise in understanding and applying root causes, and to be true to scientific knowledge, proven policy frameworks, and effective therapies and models.

One timeline is offered, integrating the elements from the past, leading to a hoped-for future. Indeed, this is a beneficial, pleasant scenario, given the troubled state of the world in these areas. Under the rubric of connecting minds, supporting mobility and sustainability, and creating the future, supporting threads are outlined. Truly, these many factors come together now at a felicitous time. As a result, we face many opportunities for growth and prosperity.