Profundities, methods-based management, and fluidity link

There is always an element of wistfulness when it comes to computer usage. On the one hand, computers represent obvious power. They allow for many amazing functions, demonstrating scale and processing power beyond our capacity. On the other hand, there is an obvious process of disempowerment that occurs once computerization becomes the objective. There is always the question of "if only". If  only we could truly harness this power.

Profundities represents the work of Dr. Kenneth Tingey of the 2020 Program. He has combined a novel, yet not new, information processing model with proven quality and methods-based approach. In short, the result is a rearrangement of creative opportunities. Subject matter experts can thus build systems that are much more in line with the deep knowledge of the experts. Indeed, using the approach, they naturally learn how to refine their knowledge. They learn to organize their knowledge in more useful forms and they come to make associations that would not otherwise have noticed.