This results from the knowledge-based origins of health and prosperity. A participatory decision-making process based on discovery and support for knowledge gained therein saves money to be sure. Furthermore, such a process encourages self-discovery by all involved, improving mental as well as physical health. This improves their capacity to contribute to the general good, making them more productive, creative, and consistent.

Government stewardship of health care is more than simply a matter of responsibility. A carefully designed, knowledge-based, and participatory decision making processes represents an important evolution from command-and-control decision making processes.

Top-down, authoritative systems do not have the capacity to tap into the complex scientific requirements of good health, as knowledge is largely gained through the initiative and commitment of many individuals and groups, necessitating a good deal of initiative and courage. The process is largely a radical one, constantly challenging established assumptions and associated institutions. Encouragement of such groups and providing rewards for their efforts are functions of a meritorious society, not an authoritarian one.

The object at first is to transform health systems from traditional, passive consultative model focused on disease states to active dual control model. Once disease states are overcome, the system can then support higher levels of physical performance and personal expression. The basic tools for building functionally integrated, patient oriented health delivery systems can serve both purposes. The natural result of this is integration of public health requirements with personal health issues.

It is important to note that we cannot, or should not, aspire to regulate, or to provide regulation. Biology and the other underpinnings of life are themselves highly regulated, more so than we currently understand. We can best serve by participating in effective regulation, taking the cues and direction from nature itself. Our current levels of comprehension point to increasingly more complex, more highly nuanced processes and natural behaviors. Tapping into these, learning from these, even leveraging them when we can, will bring the conclusive, beneficial solutions we seek.