OPL is designed to be a brand among brands, an "Intel inside" brand that connotes quality based on a specific set of principles. Also, in connotes linked products and services based on connection with the OPL network. OPL devices are designed to function in concert with one another as indicated by each person's OPL profile. The OPL system constantly updates its data stores -- veritably a waterfall of information with regard to their state of health, their personal preferences, their natural abilities, and their conditions of health. When disease is present there will be interpretations of associated data. Where disease is not evident, guidance will be provided, associated with each preferences and interests.

The OPL report function provides a Well-Being Index (WBI) that includes evaluation of a person's general state of health. This measure includes measures of vital signs, biological assurance tests and Performance Quotient (PQ) measures of a person's mobility and strength. The information is provided in color-coded fashion, making interpretation easy and straightforward. Red is a bad condition. Yellow is not so bad, but not good. Green is good, the baseline for OPL.

Then, as a person improves on function and performance, he or she can progress from bronze to silver and gold status, the steps for each being determined by the area, sport, or skill. We have many plans for how these may come about. Mr. Farnes has specific OPL programs for golf, football/soccer, tennis, and basketball. Many more opportunities will emerge. As we say, we want and need to see growth in growth and development, not decay and disease.